Because a picture is worth much more than a thousand words
— Keon paul

Trinidadian-born Keon Paul hails from Mayaro, a close-knit rural town on the southeastern side of the island. His work has been shared in the Trinidad Guardian and other national publications. Through his company F1 Photo Studios, he has been given the honour of capturing memorable moments and stunning scenery. For the last 10 years, he has documented beautiful unions (weddings), captivating stories (portraits), new life (maternity), sweet innocence & laughter (children & family), fierce style (fashion & beauty), outdoor scenes (landscape) and social/limelight (events).

He is well known for his ability to capture the personalities of his clients in a unique and beautiful way that resonates with his audience. Keon truly connects with those who wish to rediscover the beauty of life through his lens.

He attributes this to the joy which he expresses and experiences through photography. You can easily describe his portfolio as the joy of living!

As the daddy of Maliq, 6 and the grandson of Ma (Madeline Paul), 99, it’s no surprise that his services have evolved into family and life photography. He particularly enjoys capturing images of children in their element: raw, untouched and full of life. Keon also sees great value in capturing the stories of our loved ones as gifts for generations to come.

Amazing talent coupled with patience and attention to detail allowed me to enjoy the experience.
It was great to have someone who has a wide range of experience and eternal patience to capture special moments in my life. Kudos!
— S. Albert (Pregnancy Shoot, 2017)